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Open Position:

Community Manager

Second Shift is a community-centered coworking space in Logan Square that provides a productive and comfortable work space for remote workers, freelancers, creatives, entrepreneurs, and small teams. We are looking for an engaging and responsible community manager to continue to build our community and space.  

As the community manager, you are responsible for setting the vibe of the space (it’s a casual and fun place where friends come together). This is done through daily operational tasks such as keeping the space clean, space design projects, spending time with the amazing community members, and creating connections between them. You will also play a significant role in marketing the space through social media, newsletters, and email campaigns.  

Although you will be running Second Shift, you will be part of a small remote team. Second Shift is part of a small 6-location coworking chain based in Denver, which has been around since 2011. All locations are neighborhood-focused with a similar vibe. The team members are veterans of the coworking world and started some of the first spaces in the US.   

While the community manager role is mainly focused on running Second Shift, the position has opportunities for growth if desired. Some of these projects include opportunities such as leading the Chicago Coworking Alliance, and developing coworking consulting skills. If you are looking to build an expertise and be a future face of the coworking movement then this is a great opportunity.  

Job Tasks

Community Cultivation (The People)

  • Acting as first point of contact for inquiries and assistance
  • Greeting everyone and making rounds to all members.
  • Leading sales and tours to introduce the space to prospective members
  • Following up and corresponding with contact and inquiries
  • Managing and integrating incoming members
  • Engaging the community with relevant events
  • Encouraging member engagement, including making introductions and connections among members
  • Being perceptive of members’ needs in the space
  • Responding to inquiries from new and current members in person, by phone, email, or any other way a member might find you.
  • Being a great communicator and wonderful people-person online, in-person and everything in between.
  • Having a positive, entrepreneurial attitude. 
  • Solving problems that pop up in the space and making sure members are respectful of one another
  • Being inclusive of members in decision-making.

Operations and Organizational Items (The Space)

  • Opening the space each morning & preparing it for members by tidying furniture, setting up rooms and making coffee.
  • Being perceptive of space updates needed and leading these projects
  • Handling copy and print requirements.
  • Organizing, planning, and marketing of events.
  • Identifying and implementing new operational ways for Second Shift to become more efficient.

Marketing the Second Shift Brand

  • Work with the team to develop a social media strategy, specifically Instagram
  • Creating digital newsletters and email campaigns
  • Maintaining and updating the Second Shift website
  • Develop partnerships with local businesses and organizations

Pay Details

  • $20 to $24 an hour, 25  to 40 hours a week. You can work a few hours less if you have other projects going on.
  • 15 paid vacation days earned over the course of a year.
  • Paid sick days earned over the course of the year.
  • Bonuses available based on the financial performance of Second Shift. 
  • Health care stipend
  • Cell phone reimbursement 

We want hours to be as flexible as possible to meet your lifestyle while meeting the obligations needed as a community manager. If there is an event after hours for some reason, take a half-day at some point in the week.

How to Apply

Email the following materials to [email protected] and [email protected]:

  • Resume
  • A short video that tells us a little about yourself, why you like coworking, and what makes you a good candidate for the community manager role. Don’t worry about production value, just grab the camera and hit record!

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