Work/life balance can be difficult, especially when you’re working from home – trust us, we know. In fact, we started our coworking space so we could a separation of work and life. But now, more than ever, it’s incredibly important to establish a balance in everything we do. 

We recently wrote about how you can create a great temporary home office and that’s definitely important, but we’ve got some other ways to help you create a little more work/life balance during these turbulent times.

Create a strict routine
Create and stick to a morning routine that works for you. And this doesn’t mean jumping into work right away. Making a cup of coffee, meditation or morning stretches will give you a buffer between last night’s dreams to whatever your workday has in store for you. Allow yourself to start your day with clarity – emails, social media and Slack can wait. 

Have a dedicated work spot
Find a spot and make that temporary home office WORK FOR YOU. Wherever you set up, make sure that it allows you to stay focused so that work time is just that; WORK time. Lines can be blurred when you start doing things around the house, so keep those distractions away. 

Take a break from your screens
Give yourself a break and walk away from your computer and phone! At Second Shift, we always allow for breaks whether it’s grabbing a cup of coffee from the kitchen, joining a huddle or chatting with other members. Moving around and taking a step back and giving yourself time throughout the day can be really valuable. Ya know, like you usually would while coworking and chatting it up over coffee.

Create accountability and tell someone your goals for the day or week

Get an accountability buddy. Have someone you can check in with throughout the day, to keep you on track. We still are having our Monday Morning Huddles as accountability for the week and it’s great. Putting your intentions out there can help keep you focused on what you need to get done, this also helps you fully check out when work is finished. Establish what time you want work to be done (could be a time of day, or when a project is finished) and have your buddy remind you when it’s time to clock out! 

From your favorite coworking team in Logan Square – We’re missing you all! Now, remember to wash your hands, stay in touch and keep safe! When you are ready to leave your temporary home office, Second Shift and our entire coworking community will be here for you.

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