With the recent shelter-in-place mandate set by Illinois Governor Pritzker, it’s meant a lot of people are working from home in Chicago, even us. And, what we do know from working in a coworking space is that atmosphere is very important. So, if you need a bit of help, say no more, we got you. 

Here are our five tips for creating a great temporary home office that we’ve learned after operating coworking spaces:

  1. Remove clutter. We know it might be tricky if you’re working from your dining room table, spare bedroom or a closet, but try to make your immediate area free of clutter. Remove anything you don’t need for work. Having a clean area will help you focus, and we all need a little help with that right now.
  2. Let there be light. Make sure you have plenty of light to keep you in work mode. Great lighting makes a huge difference so whether it’s just opening your blinds to let natural light in, or adding a lamp to a room, it can help change the mood. At Second Shift in Logan Square, we added several skylights so the light just pours in from above.
  3. Remove distractions. This can be difficult if you’re a parent working from home, but it may just mean waking up earlier when the kids are still asleep. Very similar to our first point, remove any distraction that is not necessary for work. If you need help with this, our daily Coworking Power Hours can definitely keep you accountable and distraction-free.
  4. Be comfortable, but not too comfortable. Make sure that you’re sitting in a comfortable chair –  this can make a huge difference! It’s tricky to work when you’re uncomfortable, so add a cushion to your chair or make a makeshift standing desk if you prefer. But don’t get too comfy, you may just slip into a nap. If you need to grab a chair from Second Shift for your home office, get in touch
  5. Set the mood! Music, music, music. To us, music is essential. Lo-fi beats and peaceful piano are some of our favorites, but whatever gets you in the zone, listen to it. 

Thinking of you all! Now, remember to wash your hands, stay in touch and keep safe! When you are ready to leave your temporary home office, Second Shift and our entire coworking community will be here for you.

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